VAT returns before Federal Tax Authority

VAT returns before Federal Tax Authority

March 5th, 2018 /
VAT returns before Federal Tax Authority ( FTA )

For better and easy compliance of businesses, especially in small and medium segments, with UAE VAT Regulations, Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has exerted its full effort to simplify the compliance module. Different due dates have been notified for different business depending upon the nature and scale of transactions. Some business is required to file its VAT return on monthly basis while others are given a period varies from three to five months.


Anybody can check their filing period in the VAT registration Certificate. If certificate has not yet been issued by FTA, one can login into the Federal Tax Authority Website and check the tax filing period under profile.

Process of filing VAT return

  1. Login to the Federal Tax  Authority online portal at with your user name and password.
  2. Go to e-services section of FTA portal and click on form VAT 201 (VAT Return).
  3. Click new VAT Return. On clicking the New Vat return, you will get a Vat return form on your screen.
  4. The Vat return form has basically three section in it. In first section, details of VAT on sales and Services is required to be entered. Gross sales during the tax period is required to be bifurcated on the basis of followings:
    • Emirate wise sales with Vat amount.
    • Sales made to tourist along with the refund of tax on such supply.
    • Supply which is subjected to reverse charge mechanism (i.e. Value goods or services imported in UAE and Vat payable upon such import)
    • Zero rated supply
    • Exempt supplies
    • Import Vat through Customs. (if Goods are imported through an agent)
  5. In second section of Vat return form, details of Input VAT paid on goods and services during the tax period is required to be entered.
  6. The Last section of Vat Return form, amount of Net VAT Due is auto calculated by the system.
  7. Just in case amount of input VAT exceeds the amount of output VAT, you have to select the refund option in Yes or NO. if Yes is selected, an additional form 311 for refund of excess input tax is required to be filled.
  8. Submit the VAT return. Once it is successfully submitted you will get an confirmation massage for the same.
  9. Go to my payment option and pay the Vat Liabilities, if any.

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